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NASA Ames Robotics Academy - Living/Travel Arrangements

Costs associated with summer travel to and from NASA Ames Research Center (10 miles north of San Jose, CA) are the responsibility of each intern.

If you plan to fly to the San Francisco Bay Area, please inform us of your travel plans, as we may be able to coordinate ground transportation from the San Jose (SJC) and San Francisco (SFO) airports.

While attending the academy, college interns normally live together in a communal housing system. Historically this has either been in the NASA Lodge at Moffett Field or by renting a number of apartments in a complex near public transportation. At this time, we have not made reservations at the Lodge, but may do so soon.

In the past, RoboAcad administration and returning academy alumni have worked together to find a safe, affordable, and convenient location for the college interns to live. This housing system is opt-in. Students who live local to NASA Ames Research Center or who wish to find their own living arrangements for whatever reason, do not need to live in the communal housing system.

RoboAcad student leadership determines most of the daily life within the communal housing system. The students run an opt-in dinner meal plan. In this system, students take turns providing dinner for all of the residents in the communal housing system on a rotating cycle. Some students cook their own meals, while others lacking culinary skills purchase extra dinner supplies allowing other students to skilfully prepare community meals, and do other household chores instead.

Students will be responsible for paying for their own housing. Based on past experience, interns should expect to have either one or two room-mates. Students should expect to do their fair share of household chores to keep the common areas of the communal housing clean. Students will be responsible for paying their portion of the rent and utilities for the entire duration of the academy, even if the student chooses to leave the academy before its conclusion or is dismissed.

The commute from the communal apartments located near NASA Ames Research Center should be less than half an hour (by public transit or bicycle). RoboAcad has a number of bicycles available for student use although students can choose to bring their own bicycle or car.

NASA Ames Research Center is located at Moffett Field, near the city of Mountain View, CA. (This area is commonly referred to as Silicon Valley.) A Light Rail and a bus system provide reasonable city access to students who do not bring cars. The Light Rail (operated by the Valley Transit Authority- VTA) connects to the Caltrain system, which, for about four dollars each way, provides service to San Francisco or San Jose. These systems provide access to many sources of entertainment as well as to both the San Francisco and San Jose airports.

The weather is normally sunny during the summer months, with daytime highs in the 70s and 80s (ºF) and night-time lows in the 50s and 60s (ºF). Visits to San Francisco are often several degrees colder and cloudy.

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Last Updated: May 29, 2018
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