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As this new web site changes and grows, past features will be archived here. The date each item was moved from the front page is noted.

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December 29
Spend the Holidays with Mars Express
Mars Express spacecraft
The European Space Agency's Mars Express will arrive at Mars on Dec. 25. The probe will be injected into an elliptical orbit near the poles of Mars, while the Beagle 2 lander is expected to touchdown on the surface. Learn more...

December 23
Learn Science at the Personal Satellite Assistant Website
Personal Satellite Assistant
The Personal Satellite Assistant website has inquiry-based lessons, interactive multimedia activities and video animations focusing on systems, forces and motion, engineering design, volume, and surface area for grades 5-12.

December 19
Check out the Robot Hall of Fame
Robot Hall of Fame logo
Carnegie Mellon University's Robot Hall of Fame recognizes excellence in robotics technology and honors the robots that inspire scientific accomplishments.

December 15
Suit Up, Strap In, and Blast Off at the Athena Site
MER rover
Athena is the name of the package of instruments on the two Mars Exploration Rovers. Check out the Athena website to learn more about the mission, the scientists, and the instruments. You can also find activities and information for students and teachers!

December 15
FIRST Robotics Sponsorship Information Now Posted!
FIRST Robotics logo
A list of teams being sponsored by NASA for the 2004 FIRST Robotics Season is now posted! See our list of Sponsorships!

December 03
Learn About the "Challenges of Getting to Mars"
image of rover test
Getting two rovers to Mars isn't easy! To find out more about how NASA prepares, watch "Testing the Rovers for the Treacherous Martian Terrain" and view other archived video clips and stories.

November 25
Follow the Licancabur Expedition Online
image of Licancabur in winter
The Licancabur volcano located at the boundary of Chile and Bolivia hosts a lake that is one of the highest and least explored lakes on Earth. Check out videos, sound clips, and classroom activities as scientists explore this remote location!

October 29
Online Course: NASA Robotics in Rio Tinto, Spain
image of Rio Tinto
The online course of eight LIVE robotics presentations by NASA and international scientists from the Rio Tinto in Spain has been archived! Watch the archives HERE!

October 27
Want Updates and Announcements About Robotics?
Dr. Robot
Join the Robotics Education Project mailing list to receive monthly updates highlighting opportunities, activities, and information relating to robotics education. We'll keep you informed!

October 10
Webcast/Webchat: Exploring Earth to Prepare for Mars
Rio Tinto landscape
Tune in to a webcast/webchat Thursday, October 9, to learn more about the similarities between Earth and Mars, the fascinating region of the Rio Tinto (Red River) in Spain, and testing planetary robots.

September 18
MIT's Robostrider Robot Walks on Water
After figuring out how insects called water striders are able to skim across the surface of the water, two MIT researchers created their own robotic insect: Robostrider. Check out pictures and movies to learn more about this bug 'bot!

August 28
Watch a Simulation of the 2003 Mission to Mars
MER robot
Ever wish you could watch the Mars rovers as they roam around the red planet? Then check out this short, animated videos depicting one of the Mars Exploration Rovers traveling to, landing on, and exploring the Martian surface.

August 26
Robotics Online Forum Now Available from REP!
Dr. Robot
Learn about robotics in this unique online community. Join other robotics educators, students, and enthusiasts in the quest for robotics activities, projects, materials, and knowledge. Log on today and start exploring!

August 20
Check Out the MOONMARS Workshop in Germany
The MOONMARS workshop is a youth event that will evaluate the commonalities between current Moon and Mars exploration plans. The workshop will be held September 26-28 in Bremen, Germany. There is still time to apply!

August 13
Students and Teachers Will Help the Rovers Explore Mars
image of Gusev crater
While the ultimate field trip might someday be an actual journey to Mars, NASA is doing the next best thing - giving high school teams the opportunity to explore Mars through the Athena Student Interns Program and the Mars Exploration Student Data Team!

July 31
Thinking About Studying Robotics in College?
image of mortar board
Think you want to be a roboticist? Check out these colleges and universities that offer robotics courses and degrees. You can also look for internship ideas based on grade level!

July 21
Learn About Worldwide Exploration of the Red Planet
image of Mars
It's not just NASA's two Mars rovers that are on their way to explore our neighboring planet. Japan and the European Space Agency have also sent two orbiters and a lander to Mars. Read more about what these missions hope to discover.

July 18
Webcast: Searching & Crawling -- JPL Research Robots
image of Lemur robot
On Thursday, July 17 at 7 p.m. Pacific Time, two JPL robotics engineers will talk about the world of mobile robots designed for different environments and applications, ranging from space exploration to urban reconnaissance. Click here to tune in!

July 18
Successful Launch of Second Mars Rover, "Opportunity"!
Image of "Opportunity" launch
"Opportunity", the second of NASA's twin Mars rovers, launched successfully July 7 at 11:18 p.m. Eastern time. Check out the Mars rover website to watch an archived webcast of the launch, learn more about the mission, and follow the travels of the two rovers as they head toward the Red Planet.

July 03
Who's Talking to NASA's Robotic Explorers?
DSN station
Think robotic exploration of the solar system is exciting? Then learn more about the Deep Space Network that will communicate with the Mars Exploration Rovers! Check out the DSN website to see pictures, read about the history, and even build your own DSN station...

June 17
Check Out LOBOT Jr. for Classrooms!
Want to bring robots into your classroom? LOBOT Jr., created by the University of New Mexico's NASA PURSUE Program, is a mobile robot kit with capabilities for educational and research use in middle school, high school, and college classrooms.

June 06
View the Mars Exploration Rover Photo Album!
MER rover
As the Mars Exploration Rovers prepare to launch, you can check out their progress through the Mars Rover Virtual Album!

May 19
FIRST National Competition Finals
FIRST logo
FIRST: View the National Competition finals and awards! View the regional archives.

May 19
FIRST and Botball Competitions Highlighted!
Botball logo
Botball: Sign up now for the National Conference and Tournament!

May 13
Teachers: Summer Institute for Faculty Development
MATE logo
The Marine Advanced Technology Education (MATE) Center in Monterey, CA is holding a Summer Institute, July 13-20, for educators from high schools, community colleges, and universities.

May 09
Webcast: Changes in Robotics for In Situ Science
Image of FIDO rover
Join JPL engineer Brian Wilcox on on May 8 at 7 PM Pacific Time as he discusses extreme engineering challenges that future solar system exploration robots will face when conducting science on planetary surfaces. View the webcast!

May 02
5/1: "Countdown to Mars" and "Robot Design"
From 1-2 p.m. Eastern time today, the "Countdown to Mars" webcast will offer a behind-the-scenes look at NASA's 2003 Mars Exploration Rover project. From 2-3 p.m. you can learn about robot helpers.

May 01
Learn About Intelligent Robots and Space Exploration
"Tumbleweed" rover
View the archived webcast of JPL's Dr. Richard Terrile discussing the current and future plans for exploring our solar system with robotic spacecraft in his presentation, "Rise of the Machines".

April 29
Build a Better Lego Mars Rover Contest
Lego rover
The Planetary Society needs good Lego rover designs for their "Mars Stations" around the world. Visit the contest website to see how you can enter your designs for one of three classes of rovers. Deadline: 4/28/03

April 29
Future Computing and Communications Technologies
NASA logo
Sign up for a free online course about the exciting world of information technology research! Register to watch live presentations by NASA technology experts. Webcasts run Tuesday and Thursdays 4/15-5/15.

April 18
Robot tests "Limits of Life in the Atacama Desert"
Hyperion robot
Follow the Hyperion robot's field investigation bringing new scientific understanding of the Chilean desert as a habitat for life with distinct analogies to Mars.

April 16
Teachers: Apply for the Athena Student Interns Program!
Mars Exploration Rover
NASA is sending two rovers to Mars this spring and high school teachers and their students can be part of the Athena Science Team during this exciting mission! Learn more about the Athena Student Interns Program! Deadline: Expired.

April 04
Learn About Careers in Robotics: Software Engineer
Image of software engineers
Imagine a job where you can combine computer programming, robotics, and time on a boat out on the ocean. It might sound like a dream, but that's the job of a software engineer at Bluefin Robotics! Check out our Careers in Robotics feature to learn how two guys just out of college got involved...

March 24
March 16-23: What in the world is ESTME Week?!?
question mark
What is ESTME? It stands for Excellence in Science, Technology and Mathematics Education. ESTME Week has created activities you can do, posters you can download, educational resources, and more!

March 17
Try the Robot Helper Design Challenge!
Person in space station
Scientists at NASA are designing a robot to assist astronauts with their routine chores on the International Space Station (ISS) and they want your help! Join the challenge, interact with NASA experts, and participate in exciting webcasts!

March 07
Teachers: Apply for NASA's Educator Astronaut Program!
Educator Astronaut logo
NASA's new Educator Astronaut Program will give some great teachers a chance to go into space! Educators can learn more about applying and students can nominate their favorite teacher at:

March 02
Learn About Selecting a Rover Landing Site on Mars!
Scientists and engineers have been discussing the pros and cons of the different landing site options for the Mars Exploration Rovers. Learn more about the landing sites and the final four that have been chosen!

February 28
Try the Space Day 2003 Design Challenges!
Space Day 2003 Logo
Students in grades 4-8--develop a solution for one of the 2003 Design Challenges! All you need is creativity, the ability to work as a team, and the desire to get the job done. Deadline is March 3, 2003!

February 26
Take the Survey: Engineering on the Red Planet!
Mars Exploration Rover
Did you watch the Engineering on the Red Planet webcast? Now that you've heard from JPL engineers and a high school robotics student, let us know what you learned! Test your new knowledge with the post-webcast survey!

February 01
Name the Rovers Contest (Ends 1/31/03)!
Rover Naming Contest
NASA's two Mars Exploration Rovers need a name. Students in grades K-12 in the United States can submit suggestions and take a chance at being part of history!

January 31
Free Workshop on "Successful Strategies for Robotics"!
NASA logo
Check out information on a free robotics workshop for 7-12 grade educators January 23 and 30, 2003!

January 16
NASA TV Highlights Mars Exploration and Rovers 1/8-1/15!
NASA TV on Mars
To highlight the upcoming Mars Exploration Rover mission, NASA TV is taking a closer look at the Red Planet and robotics Jan. 8-15. You can watch the programs on the web and do Mars "Extra" activities!

January 06
FIRST Robotics Ready to Kick-Off the New Year!
FIRST logo
Take the NASA-sponsored team survey. Check out the kick-off webcast information and other FIRST kick-off details!

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