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2011 FIRST Robotics Competition Season

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FIRST Competition Season

NOTE: All the FRC Events are listed as reference only. If and when a valid link to the webcast is established, it will be posted below.

NOTE: It is uncertain whether the webcasts will be archived. If and when archives of the events become available, they will be posted below. We are unable to make video or DVD copies of the events.

NOTE: NASA is not responsible for the webcasts provided by other groups or providers.

NOTE: The availability of any particular regional webcast is subject to change, when a valid link to the webstream is established, we will provide the link below.

Regional Webcasts
Week 6: 04/07/2011 - 04/08/2011 Thursday-Saturday
  Colorado Regional Denver CO    
  Boston Regional Boston MA    
  North Carolina Regional Raleigh NC Team 48 Webpage
  Buckeye Regional Cleveland OH NASA's RAP & Team 964
Team 291
  Philadelphia Regional Philadelphia PA Team 1517 Webpage
  Dallas Regional sponsored by JCPenny Dallas TX    
  Utah Regional Salt Lake City UT   Webpage
  Virginia Regional Richmond VA NASA Webpage
  Michigan FIRST Robotics District Competition State Championship Ypsilanti MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
Week 5: 03/31/2011 - 04/02/2011 Thursday-Saturday
  Greater Toronoto East Regional Mississauga ON, CAN Team 2200 Webpage
  Greater Toronoto West Regional Mississauga ON, CAN Team 2200 Webpage
  Silicon Valley Regional San Jose CA NASA's RAP Archive
  Northeast Utilities FIRST Connecticut Regional Hartford CT    
  Minnesota 10000 Lakes Regional Minneapolis MN Team 3276 Webpage
  Minnesota North Star Regional Minneapolis MN Team 2175 Webpage
  Las Vegas Regional Las Vegas NV Team 987 Webpage
  Smoky Mountain Regional Knoxville TN Team 801 Webpage
  Livonia FIRST Robotics District Competition Livonia MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
  Troy FIRST Robotics District Competition Troy MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
Week 4: 03/24/2011 - 03/26/2011 Thursday-Saturday
  Waterloo Regional Waterloo ON, CAN MMRambotics Webpage
  Los Angeles Regional Los Angeles CA Team 1515 Webpage
  Washington DC Regional Washington DC USA NASA Archive
  Hawaii Regional sponsored by BAE Systems Honolulu HI NASA's RAP & Robotics Organizing Committee Hawaii Webpage
  Midwest Regional Chicago IL Illinois FRC Webpage
  SBPLI Long Island Regional Hempstead NY    
  Autodesk Oregon Regional Portland OR FIRST Washington Webpage
  Palmetto Regional North Charleston SC NASA's RAP & Palmetto Regional Robotics Planning Committee Stream
  Ann Arbor FIRST Robotics District Competition Regional Ann Arbor MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
  Niles FIRST Robotics District Competition Niles MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
Week 3: 03/17/2011 - 03/19/2011 Thursday-Saturday
  Sacramento Regional Davis CA NASA's RAP & Team 2489 Stream
  Peachtree Regional Duluth GA NASA MSFC Webpage
  Boilermaker Regional West Lafayette IN   Stream
  Bayou Regional Westwego LA CodeRedRobotics Webpage
  Chesapeake Regional Baltimore MD    
  St. Louis Regional St. Louis MO    
  Oklahoma Regional Oklahoma City OK Team 2359 Webpage
  Lone Star Regional Houston TX NASA JSC Stream
  Seatle Cascade Regional Seatle WA FIRST Washington Webpage
  Seatle Olympic Regional Seatle WA FIRST Washington Webpage
  West Michigan FIRST Robotics District Competition Allendale MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
  Detroit FIRST Robotics District Competition Detroit MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
Week 2.5: 03/14/2011 - 03/16/2011 Monday-Wednesday
  Israel Regional Tel Aviv IS Israel FRC Israel Stream
Week 2: 03/10/2011 - 03/12/2011 Thursday-Saturday
  San Diego Regional San Diego CA Team 987 Webpage
  Florida Regional Orlando FL NASA KSC Stream
  WPI Regional Worchester MA WPI Stream
  Lake Superior Regional Duluth MN NASA's RAP &
Team 2175
Team 2512
  Greater Kansas City Regional Kansas City MO    
  Pittsburgh Regional Pittsburgh PA    
  Wisconsin Regional Milwaukee WI NASA's RAP & Wisconsin Regional Planning Committee Stream
  *New York City Regional 3/11-3/13 New York NY NASA's RAP & FIRST NYC & SPS Stream
  Waterford FIRST Robotics District Competition Waterford MI CodeRedRobotics Webpage
Week 1: 03/03/2011 - 03/05/2011 Thursday-Saturday
  BAE Systems/Granite State Regional Manchester NH CodeRedRobitcs Webpage
  New Jersey Regional Trenton NJ NASA's RAP &
Team 1676
  Finger Lakes Regional Rochester NY    
  Alamo Regional San Antonio TX Alamo Edu Webpage
  Kettering University FIRST District Competition Flint MI CodeRedRobitcs Webpage
  Traverse City FIRST Robotics District Competition Traverse City MI CodeRedRobitcs Webpage
  FIRST Championship St. Louis MO    
*This regional's dates vary slightly from the rest of the FRC Regional Events for that particular week. Check out the Official FIRST schedule for more information.

Game Animation and Kickoff
-Downloadable Files -
  For windows users right clicking on the link and then selecting "Save Link As" is the surest way to get your file.(Left click on "stream" links to watch video)  
Kickoff - Archive of NASA TV broadcast
Not Captioned 320x240 188 MB
Captioned 320x240 188 MB

Robot Design

Designing the robot is an important step in building a robot, and teams can be more successful in a shorter period of time by following the design guidance of Mythbuster's Grant Imahara.

-Downloadable Files -
  For windows users right clicking on the link and then selecting "Save Link As" is the surest way to get your file. (Left click on "stream" links to watch video)  
Robot Design Video (Part 1) - Revised Content 02/25/11 -
Download 640x360 dpi 65.2 MB
Download 640x360 dpi 50.4 MB
Download 1920x1080 dpi 232 MB
  iPhone .m4v:
Download 640x360 dpi 78.8 MB

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