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Robotics Competitions

"New!" National Robotics Challenge: http://www.nationalroboticschallenge.org

-- Robo-Expo competition: http://www.Robo-expo.org

--GEAR Robotics Competition: http://www.gearrobotics.org

-- RoboPraxis competition: http://www.sjrobotics.org/RoboPraxis.shtml

-- The Robofest Competitions: http://www.robofest.net/

--Tetsujin Robotics Competition: http://www.servomagazine.com/tetsujin2004/

-- EARLY Robotics Competition for elementary school students: http://www.earlyrobotics.org/

-- Roborocks Robotics Competition: http://www.njcate.org/roborocks

-- Lego Simple Machines Challenge: http://robotics.nasa.gov/events/lego_2003spring.htm

-- FIRST Lego League: http://www.firstlegoleague.org or http://www.usfirst.org/jrobtcs/flego.htm

--DARPA Grand Challenge: http://www.darpa.mil/grandchallenge/

-- Robocup Junior, Australia: http://www.robocupjunior.org.au/

-- International Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Competition:

-- Botbash, an international robotic combat event in Phoenix, AZ: http://www.botbash.com

-- BEST Robotics: http://www.bestinc.org

-- A long list of robotics competitions from the Society of Manufacturing Engineers: http://www.manufacturingiscool.com/cgi-bin/mfgcoolhtml.pl?/contests.htm&

-- MIT's Autonomous Robot Design Competition:
http://www.mit.edu:8001/c ourses/6.270/home.html

-- RoboCup Challenge: http://www.robocup.org/

-- Robot Sumo: http://www.fsi.co.jp/sumo-e /out/out00000.html

-- Trinity College Fire Fighting Home Robot Contest:

-- Western Canadian Robot Games: http://www.robotgames.com/

-- Robotics Academy at the National Robotics Engineering Consortium

Curator: Cassie Bowman Small rover NASA Official: Mark León

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